Monday, March 31, 2008

Peeps To Catch @ V Fest

With the rest of Australia having already enjoyed Richard Branson's fruits, it is now Dullsville's turn and I must say the lineup has come together quite nicely. Timetable clashes are inevitable at these things but hey, deal with it. In my opinion kiddies the earlier you arrive the better with quality acts on from the get go. With Modular newbies Plug-In City at 1:45 and ice-cold disco heroes Glass Candy at 2. Cut Copy will be giving their setlist a major makeover with the release of In Ghost Colours which should be a relief to die hard Perth fans that saw them on each of their four appearances across the nullabor in the past 12 months. Swedish pop geniuses The Tough Alliance may well unfortunately drag me away from Cutters as the Melbourne lads will be back soon but the same can't be said of the boys from Gothenberg. TTA will probably get an undeservedly small crowd to their clashing with Cut Copy but they will put on an incredible show i'm sure. Next will be a quick peep into the DJ tent to see Italians Do It Better head honcho Mike Simonetti who I hope will be pumping out some great disco and Italo. Then back to check out the Rakes who I have been a fan of ever since hearing 22 Grand Job about 3 or 4 years ago. Then there is a serious bit of clashing with Modest Murphy, ex-Moloko member Roisin Murphy and Gomma label boss Munk. I wasn't able to see them two years ago at Southbound but I heard they were a bit lacking anyway. Which ever ways the wind is blowing..... Anyway.....

Here's a few track to go with to get you amped. If you haven't got you ticket you can still get them now (like I just did) here.

Plug-In City - Broke On A Wheel

Glass Candy - Beatific

The Tough Alliance - Silly Crimes

Cut Copy - Feel The Love

The Presets - A New Sky

Roisin Murphy - Overpowered [Kris Menace Remix]


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm back (bearing gifts)

Hello and sorry about the significant lack of action in these pages in recent weeks. Uni and footy have both gone back and I have just been busy with lots of stuff. Saying that though, what I do have for you kids is PLENTY of good new music.

Starting Off With Some Disco...

As you are probably all aware, 2007 was the year of electro. Releases from the genre were being gobbled up like biccies at a kids picnic (or music festival). Outstanding albums from Boys Noize, Justice, Digitalism, Para One .... the list goes on, dominated a year culminating in the Summer festivals being ruled by chainsaw basslines and daft punk synths. But as I said, electro was so 2007 and 2008 will be the year that sees the return of disco. Leading the charge are James Murphy and the DFA. Their first album of the year in Hercules & Love Affair has exploded into the world with Anthony (yes from And The Johnsons who has that omni-sexual voice) contributing to vocals on a few tracks. Do your self a favour and BUY this album so you can show it off to your friends and when disco really starts rolling this year be able to say 'yeah i was there from the beginning man'. It's an electronica gem that never wants to sit still and the boys and girls from Brooklyn obviously paid attention when their parents were telling them debaucherous stories from their times at Studio 54.

Hercules and Love Affair - Blind feat. Anthony (Frankie Knuckles Remix)

Get the free track Hercules Theme from here

Next is Disco DJ/Remixer Jaques Renault. A very cool cat from Brooklyn also is throwing his hat in the ring with the big boys and has just released this stellar little number for Moby. Check out his RCDLBL page for a free track and some more info on his various releases is available here.

Moby - Disco Lies (Jaques Renault Remix)

Up next is Glaswegian remix master Maelstrom. I really like a lot of the remixes he is doing for some new and some older tracks. He has a great sound and i'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more from him in 2008. Pick up his new 12" with 3 quality remixes here, check his myspace for a free mix. And here's a sweet older remix to dload.

Metro Area - Muira (Maelstrom Edit)

Scandanavia, well Norway in particular have been putting out some damn fine spacey type disco for a couple of years now. Prins Thomas, Lindstrom and Todd Terje have been at the forefront of this movement and are steadily building up healthy back catalogues as well as keeping up a steady stream of new releases. Their take on disco takes a colder, more minimal approach rather than lush strings and playful predictable basslines, they have sparse synths and more distortion but are still nevertheless disco at their heart. Tuck you earphones IN.

Lindstrom – Another Station

Dennis Parker – Like An Eagle (Todd Terje mix)

Buy some vinyl (and a turntable if you need to) from Lindstrom and Todd Terje from Juno

If we are talking disco, how can we discuss the subject properly without mentioning the French. Vocal/funky house pretty much evolved from disco in France with the ‘French Touch’ through people like Etienne De Crecy and Daft Punk. They are still some of the finest purveyors in the genre. Fred Falke is often only recognised with his partnership with Alain Braxe but deserves a lot of respect in his own right. Not only that he is touring throughout Oz in the coming months, so do yourself a favour and grab a ticket while you can. (Also head over to VHS or Beta's Last FM Page for a free mp3 of the original of Burn It All Down)

VHS or Beta – Burn It All Down (Fred Falke mix)

I was trooping through some old CDs the other day and found this absolute gem on the Music Sounds Better With You single. A blissed out early house classic from 1998, I can’t believe this was 10 years ago, it would sound equally as amazing if released today. It also shows that Sinclair was there at the beginning and he didn’t start his career with a song about whistling.

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (Bob Sinclair Remix)

Lifelike is another artist who is regarded very highly around the highlighter offices who is also blending the disco and house sound that is quite a distinctive when heard. He has influenced people like Cut Copy, as can be seen on his appearance on the So Cosmic Mixtape. Make sure you buy some Lifelike mp3s y’all.

Ericola ft. Annie – Follow Me (Lifelike Remix)

Arcade Lover are Darshan Jesrani from Metro Area and Dan Balis from Escort, a combination made in heaven if there ever was one. This has a perfect shaped discofied feel to it with it feeling like an Escort track but a little more cosmic. Get your best Sennheisers out for this one kiddies.

Arcade Lover – Fantasy Lines (In Dub)

Wrapping up the disco section of this post are Al Kent and his Million Dollar Orchestra. Kent is an avid vinyl collector and is credited as having one of the largest disco collections going around. After many years of collecting he decided to try his had at creating his own, and what a fine job he has done. Following in the footsteps of Escort and their modern day live disco, the Million Dollar orchestra has revived the live genre and has done a fantastic job. Larger than life sounds with live strings, hopping rhythms and great vocalists are features throughout their debut album Better Days, buy it from BBE

The Million Dollar Orchestra - Funky Funk Beat

Aussies Taking Over The World.

Lets not underestimate the amount of domination Oz artists are demanding throughout the world. New albums, fresh sounds and a shitload of touring are enabling our homegrown artists to garner worldwide respect in everything they are doing.

The first great album of the season has to be Pnau's self title third record. It sees Pnau venturing all over the electronic music ladscape, from the intense 8 bit bleeting of Wild Strawberries to the absolutely stunning collaboration with ex Teenager bandmate Ladyhawke. It is possibly their strongest ever track that has been on repeat on my shower CD for about the past 4 weeks. It is strange to see why the combination of Pnau's Littlemore and Ladyhawke couldn't seem to find the same magic with Teenager as they did with this track. Perhaps that is being a little harsh. Anyway enjoy this slice of Daft Punkesque house, and support Aussie music, buy a SIGNED COPY here for $20 or the Tour Edition 2CD for $20 as well!!!!

Pnau - Come Together

Next is Miami Horror and his harem called Gameboy/Gamegirl. Gameboy/Gamegirl have just brought out a stellar new EP, pick it up at Beatport or any good local record stores. Their sound is as fresh as newly cut grass, combining elements of baltimore, baile funk and glitch electro. Femme Fatale repeater vocals, booming beats and chunky basslines = party starting heaven. A few of the tracks have been floating around for a while but their sound comes out a lot better when refined on CD rather than a compressed mp3. They are coming to Perth to launch the EP at Shape with 80s electro genius Miami Horror also playing a DJ set. On a side note Highlighter besties Electrorash have his amazing new remix of Datarock's FaFaFa. Go and get it right now and a while your at it, grab your plastic and get a ticket to the EP launch too, I'll be there.

Gameboy/Gamegirl - Pumps And Rumps (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)

The Modular crew also have a very busy month ahead with anticipated releases from Cut Copy (which drops Saturday) and The Presets (around the 12th of April). I'd say head on down to your local record store to pick up Cut Copy if you're keen as (like me) to get your hands on it as if you order it over the net you will prolly have to wait till after easter to get it. If you can't wait until then they are streaming the whole album over on their myspace. While your there click the link over to their mailing list to get a free mp3 of Joakim's remix of Hearts On Fire and if you didn't have it, a free mp3 of So Haunted over at their Last FM page. The Presets though are a different story with you still being able to pick up a SIGNED COPY of their new album Apocalypso from JB for $20 effn bargain! Also head over to their modular page to sign up to their mailing list and get a free My People remix. Also head-hyperboler and all round naughty-boy Dave has posted the new Presets track over at Hyperbole.

And lastly we couldn't help but let you all know that masters of funky minimal Booka Shade are releasing their third studio album and follow up to Movements. It will be titled The Sun & The Neon Light and it set for release in May, I can't find a preorder for this yet but you can rest assured dear readers I will keep thee informed. A great remix from the 5 Years Of Get Physical compilation, buy it here.

If you have read this far well done friend but I must make one last request. As uni is going back and my spare time seems to be diminishing steadily I am putting out the call to any budding music bloggers who would like to write for this esteemed journal. Whether you go to lots of shows and you want to contribute some reviews or are the first to get their grubby mits on hot new albums to share, Highlighter needs you. So no matter where you are in Australia or the world, if you would like to be a correspondent please email me at and let me know.

Phew, love yous all

Benjimite Out