Sunday, June 29, 2008


Been away a while, Uni's finished so I'll be attempting to post twice a week now. Been to some great gigs recently the DFA mini fest of the Cut Copy shows, the epic Black Keys show last weekend and the Berlin Session a few weeks ago. Just watched The Darjeerling Limited last night too, was an amazing movie, the best I have seen in ages, can't wait for Batman.

Ok what's been happening on the music front? Well I think I'll just run through a couple of choice labels and what activity has been happening on their rosters.


Pip Brown and her alter-ego Ladyhawke are occupying centre stage, while murmurs from the Van She camp keep telling fans that debut V is almost upon us (August 7-8?), instead we get rumors about frontman and pornstar wannabe Nicky marrying Lost Valentinos/Ghostwood sister. Lucky Ladyhawke is putting out some quality new shit.

Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning (Cut Copy Remix)

Teenager (Nick Pnau & Ladyhawke) - Alone Again (Van She Tech Remix)

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Label boss and all round musical suavster Munk has just dropped a new album Cloudbuster and a semi-recent single Live Fast Die Old. Shit is fine, 'the German DFA'. Headman also has a new LP (good to see albums being still released in dance music) that has some weird and wonderful leftfield type disco.

Munk - Down in L.A.

Munk - Live Fast Die Old (Juan Maclean Remix)

Headman - Come On

Headman - Catch Me If You Can (Bag Raiders Edit)

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See the shit is all linked somehow (remixers etc) one big blonggomerate. Next is of course our friends at DFA. There's already some fresh Juan Mac above but some more in the form of B-side remix from their storming piano-beat smash of earlier in the year. Lee Douglas substitutes that gorgeous piano riff for a funkified disco keyboard/bass section that compliments the track really nicely. Massive mancrushes on the Ghost! boys (thanks to HFC for the high bit). Missed Maurice Fulton last weekend, big shame, he's got a new album too under his Syclops mokier, should be original as hell. Also a new track from Murph, from the 21 OST.

The Juan Maclean - Happy House (Lee Douglas Remix)

Moby - I Like To Move In Here (Holy Ghost! Remix)

Syclops - A Lovely Sunday

LCD Soundsystem - Big Ideas

And I tell you what if my Holy Ghost! and JuanMac vinyls don't get here soon Insound/DFA there is going to be a sudden influx of DFA tracks appearing on this blg (jokes I still love you but give me my fucking vinyl)

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A few tracks from individuals and groups I've been enjoying recently:

DJ Mehdi going disco on the recent Ed Rec 3, absolutely storming, such a refreshing change.

DJ Mehdi - Pocket Piano

I still don't quite get Foals as much as I have tried to, I like them but I just can't see them as much more than a poor man's !!!. Favourite track from Antidotes plus a remix by everyones favourtite jazz-minimalist. I may be being a little harsh here.

Foals - Olympic Airways
Foals - Red Socks Pugie (Henrik Schwarz Remix)

New Phoenix. Don't really know what to make of it. Instrumental until just after the 5 minute mark. Like it though, what do other people think?

Phoenix - Twenty-One One Zero

Lindstrom cos I luv 'im and got my vinyl signed a couple of weekends ago

Lindstrom - Breakfast In Heaven (ARP's Worn Cassette Version)

Fresh Gotye remix this time by Kompakters Supermayer, rather breathtaking indeed. (Cheers to the always amazing GWFAS)

Gotye - Heart's A Mess (Supermayer's Supermess Remix)


There's more to come too, more often, promise
Love yous all lots