Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Purple Sneakers DJ - EXCLUSIVE!!

It's a special moment in any blogger's life when he/she gets their first exclusive. I don't really think you've made in the blogging world until you've had a first release and, thanks to Purple Sneaker Head Honcho and one of FHM's most influential people under 30 PhDJ, Highlighter now has their's. This is a track that is a special remix of a Wons Phreely track Another Thing that features on the spankingly new Purple Sneakers Mixtape of Indie Joy (Available soley on iTunes).

Here at Highlighter we are big fans of the mixtape and Martin has done a stirling job of mixing up a storm of Oz Indie goodness. Starting slow and moving the BPM's up towards the end, PhDJ has chosen some of my favourite tracks floating around New Holland at present. Here is the tracklist with a few goodies filled in for you

Yves Klein Blue - The Streetlight
Rivo Crew - Smash a Kangaroo
Gotye - Thanks For Your Time
The Paper Scissors - We Don't Walk
Dappled Cities - Vision Bell
Soft Tigers - Mr Icecream (Kato & DJ Spruce Lee remix)
Melanie Horsnell - Like Love
British India - Tie Up My Hands
The Beautiful Girls - Thought About You
The Mares - Biscuit Tin
Regurgitator - Blood & Spunk
Mercy Arms - Kept Low
Horsell Common - Good From Afar

Being a Perth boy I have only heard stories from my mate's cousin's stepdad's dog about how fucking good the shows that these guys put on at the Abercrombie. Not only do they have an exceedingly good party in Sydney on New Years Eve (Dappled Cities, The Tongue, Young & Restless) but they have their own label Boundary Sounds that is supporting awesome Aussie up-and-comers. They are currently making their way around the country and after playing the Newport last night, tomorrow night is the big one with Purple Sneakers vs Death Disco on @ Amplifier and if you're in Perth, Highlighter encourages you to clear your schedules and get your ass down for some Purple partaying

Love all round to PhDJ and the Purple Sneakers Crew
And as an added bonus, the You Am I track the team adopted their name from

Ministry Of Sound Mixtape

Its only 11 sleeps until Ministry Of Sound Annual All Day Outdoor Festival @ Supreme Court Gardens to launch off our Summer festival season (I know Parlife but that was Spring). And, as I'm aiming to do for all the festivals this summer, I thought I'd throw together a Mix Ceedee of all the artists involved in the festi'. It is a good lineup for MOS and I'm particualrly looking forward to seeing Bookashade for the first time and Midnight Juggernauts again (As is evident from the doubles on the Ceedee.)

Without Further Ado.....

Highlighter Presents..... The MOS AADOF Mix Ceedee

Love yous all

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

NME: Love Music Hate Racism

The good folks of NME have initiated a program to counter the recent actions of the British Nationalist Party (A 'White Power ' political group) of distributing racist mixtapes of white power music outside British primary and high schools. How fucked up is that. Anyway, NME decided to make their own mixtape called Love Music Hate Racism, that promotes multicultural love and tolerance, something the world needs a lot more of. The mix CD has a range of British acts from many different cultures and many different styles. Here are a couple of the better tracks both of a reggae mood, the first is a guy I hadn't heard of Natty, from London who has a very good rhythm and vibe and a dubby Babyshambles track that I do quite like, even though i still think Pete can't sing.

Natty - If I . . .
(If you like it go to his Myspace to download a free mixtape of his new stuff)

You can download the whole double CD and artwork/CD covers from the NME wesbsite but they are a single mp3 for each CD, not broken down into tracks. Very frustrating. Anyway here are the links anyway.

Get 'em while they're hot.

Also here is the 2007 NME Cool List, it's a load of wank but humourous (Quoted from the NME website)

1)Frank Carter, Gallows (new) 2007: the year punk broke again. One man led the charge. It was blood at first sight…

2)Jamie Reynolds, Klaxon (last year 13) Broken-boned new rave mongrel

3)Lovefoxxx, CSS (last year 10) Three XXXs, two catsuits, one fiancé, zero holiday time

4)Ryan Jarman, The Cribs (re-entry) The enemy of generation Razorshite

5)Lethal Bizzle (new) Most sought-after grime star since Mr Muscle

6)Alex Turner, Arctic Monkeys (last year 32) Fluorescent adolescent

7)Kate Nash (new entry) So cool she’d much rather be with your friends, mate

8)Amy Winehouse (last year 50) Was there any question of her not being on the list? We say, “No, no, no (etc)”

9)Beth Ditto, Gossip (last year 1) Last year’s Number One

10)Keith Richards (last year 26) Who the fuck is Mick Jagger?

(Thank fuck Pete Doherty didn't make it, cuz heroin just aint cool)