Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Birdsnest

I have really been pissed off with Channel 7's covereage of the Olympics, no field events, too much fucking gymnastics that's for sure. One thing that is funny is Kevin Rudd speaking mandarin. Jackass.

Here's a quick selection of tunes I have been digging recently:

Late Of The Pier are quite good, though it really pisses me off that any band that sounds noisy and uses electronic elements with a bit of rhythm are compared to Klaxons. Sublime psychodelic discofied remix from one half of Chicken Lips

Late Of The Pier - The Bears Are Coming (Emperor Machine Remix)

Lovely ol' school French house remix from one of my favourite bands Phoenix, anyone know when the new album's coming out?

Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better, I'll Go to the Disco (Said The Buffalo Bunch)

Blissed out remix of everyone's favourite swedepoppers by Studio, you know its good.

Shout Out Louds - Impossible (Remake by Studio)

Techno vs Disco, a match made in heaven, possibly Terje's finest work ever. Mesmerising

Simon Baker - Plastik (Todd Terje Türkatech Mix)

One of the strongest tracks from their debut last year gets a tripped out wash by Jas & James

Simian Mobile Disco - I Believe (SMD Space Out Dub)

While we wait for Holy Ghost's follow up to their amazing original Hold On, we get a remix by UK duo Mock and Toof who strip in back and polish it up again to a nice mirror ball shine.

Holy Ghost! - Hold On (Mock And Toof Remix)

Outstanding remix of the Juggers by Chateau Marmont who succeed where so many have failed before in managing to equal the staggering heights of the original.

Mignight Juggernauts - Into The Galaxy (Chateau Marmont Remix)

Lastly another, yes you guessed it, disco remix of the amazing Jens Lekman. He really does have a showbiz voice ol' Jens and Irkuk really manages to pull it off without going into cheese territory.

Jens Lekman - Sipping On the Sweet Nectar (Bogdan Irkuk Love Nectar Mix)

Hope everyone got their MGMT tickets :)


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gig Of The Year?


Moving to this

Plus This

Saturday December 6
MGMT @ the greatest outdoor venue in Australia, Belvoir Amphitheatre
Tickets on sale from Heatseeker Tuesday 19th of August, get em while they're hot kids, these are going to go like lollies at fat camp.

MGMT - Kids (Tronik Youth Re Edit)

MGMT - Destrokk

MGMT - Electric Feel (Aeroplane Remix)