Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Inbox Lurve

Clubfeet are electro-popsters from Oz that I came across earlier in the year but never posted about them. They are a trio from Melbourne who have just released debut LP Gold On Gold. Subtley shouted vocals, soft synths on Teenage Suicide, very nice indeed. Remixes of the track to come from Eli Escobar, Kasper Bjorke, Kap10Kurt, The Glass, Loose Shus & More.

Clubfeet - Teenage Suicide


On a slighty more upbeat note (irony), five-piece electro-rockers Funeral Party have just released their Bootleg EP. From it we have Carwars, a delightful Friendly Fire-ish slice of Rapture cowbell-funk. Really good stuff.

Funeral Party - Carwars

Funeral Party


Monday, December 8, 2008

First up a rollicking remix of Escort's Starlight, Drums of Death beefs up the percussion and drags out the build ups only to smash them down into an epic death-disco house bomb. Also the superb original to go with.

Drums of Death - Dodfucksupanescorttune

Escort - Starlight

Foals were a group that really took me a while to come around to. But I must say my love has continually grown for the boys especially with some of the quality remixes that have been coming out of their tracks. These two are no exception, Tensake has made a dub-disco burner of Cassius (thanks Blouse) and the ever-reliable Diskjokke has turned Olympic Airways into a haunted space disco jam. Both impressive.

Foals - Olympic Airways (Diskjokke remix)

Foals - Cassius (Tensnake remix)

Lastly a couple of the standouts from the most recent Kitsune Maison 6 'Melodic One'. I am quite enjoying it, considering the most recent Ed Banger Comp sucked except for Mehdi's Pocket Piano. Ted and Francis are good Aussie boys and Lo-Fi-Fnk give us electro pop at its best.

Ted & Francis - I Wish I Was A Polar Bear (Arctic Urgency Edit)

Lo-Fi-Fnk - Want U


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This post is to the person who makes me feel better.

Amazing electro-pop first heard on the Hot Chip Dj Kicks

Grovesnor - Nightmoves

Their EP was just as good as the album

Fleet Foxes - Mykonos

My favourite song from the best album of the year

Friendly Fires - Jump In The Pool

Love yous all

And a bonus of pure summer love

Findlay Brown - Promised Land

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Not sure if anyone still reads this thing. Have had other shit on my mind. Though one thing that hasn't dimished in new music. I'll attempt to share some with you.

Three tracks, all from aussie groups/producers, two at the top of their game, one taking a different direction for the group but no less impressive.

Stunning new original from the soon to be released (well in Oz anyway) Far Away EP, with a whole stack of other quality tracks. Cheers to Hyperboletron

Cut Copy - Sands of Time

The b-side from the recent Turbo Love EP is truly one of the tracks of the year. Amazing dancey synth-pop.

Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars

The last track is a demo from the newly duo Damn Arms and they have turned their hand to Breakbot like french house with just a splash of robot to go with. Very good.

Damn Arms - Destination (Removed)

Love yous all