Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Bloc Party

Aussies kinida get a little left behind with this sort of this. There was some countdown on Radio 1 in the UK for Bloc Party and it was new material for the London four-piece. Mercury is the spanking new single due for release August 11 and will be released with remixes from Herve, CSS and Flosstradamus.

Kele from BP has always crapped on about his love for experimental electronic music and this is really starting to become evident, first through Flux and now through Mercury. There's not a guitar riff or man-made bassline to be heard, with these being replaced by tribal percussion and distorted horns. One thing is for sure that Bloc Party are going to keep evolving and one can't really wait to hear the next album.

Bloc Party - Mercury

Maybe they might sound more permanently like this....

Bloc Party - The Prayer (CravingRemix807)



michael said...

ooohhhhh man this shit is gonna be soo damn hot. any news when the album is droppin?

whitney said...

i wish i knew when the album was dropping. i love bloc partyyyy. "mercury" is great. i'm going to see them at the royal oak music theatre (near detroit) on september 5th. anyone else going? if you want to know more: )

benjimite said...

From the BP website 'Speaking live on the show about the new song and the on-going recording session for the band's third album Kele said "we're in the middle of it. we're still writing and working on it so it's quite hard to have an overview really, we are making the record i always wanted us to make so we just can't wait for it to be done".' check the rest here (quite interesting)

Kele from a recent live chat: 'We are in the middle of writing and recording and it's going well. It's quite hard to see what the outcome will be as we are still in the process. It doesn't sound like anything we've done before and I'm really excited about it. I'm hoping that you guys will hear something soon but, realistically we're probably looking at next year.'