Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gold: Pre Settled Tracks in anticipation for DP on Sunday

Holy Shit!
Daft Punk is playing at my park, my park!
In just two sleeps Perth forshore is going to erupt into surely one of the best shows ever to be put on in Dullsville. With a lineup beyond belief (Daft Punk, Cut Copy, Presets, Sebastian and Kavinsky, Muscles, Van She) to say that Perth is more than just a little excited would be a drastic fucking understatement. To celebrate I am posting some newish Presets and the post after this will be some new Van She

I was going to post most recent single My People but that can already be found here, here and here. So instead I thought I'd post a few remixes (all Aussie) and a remix of My People. The Silvershair remix is an interesting one, I really tried to like Silverchair's last album Young Modern, but just couldn't. It's pretentious, dispassionate and I couldn't believe how many fucking ARIAs it won, but who cares about them anyway. The remix is certainly not their finest work but interesting none the less.
Architecture in Helsinki are a good pop band and I have enjoyed all of their albums to date and this take on Heart In Races makes it almost unrecognisable from the original. Gone are the twee pop musings with kettle drums, replaced by heavy encapsulating presetness. Like it, a lot. Not sure if it's as good as the original but this is almost like a completely new song.
Lastly is the Kris Menace remix of My People, I chose this one out of the other two on the single as it is the most interesting and is just a bit more original than the other two that are kinda Ed Banger electro and Gameboy/bleep electro, well maybe this is a little too. Anyway, enjoy
(All in 320kbps) Love Yous All

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nek said...

OK Cut Copy were excellent, new stuff sounded great. One track in particular made me question why they released So Haunted as the single.
Presets were also great, new stuff is superb, another sweet release for 2008.
Daft Punk blew my fucking mind. Best show I have ever seen.