Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Greatest Show on Earth & Van Sheezy in the Heezy

I don't feel there is a need to recount how good Daft Punk although I will say I don't know how I will ever be able to go to a dance gig without comparing it to the religious experience that was Neverever Land. If you ever get the chance make sure you don't miss it. The first track for a little reminiscing, the second for some inspiration (the boys really did a good job on being faithful yet different to the original).

Daft Punk - Da Funk / Dadftendirekt (Live)

Nicky Van She & Dangerous Dan - Around The World Again

(Thanks to Willis The Chop for the photo)

After seeing Van She with kindegarten scenesters Operator Please a while ago I have been getting rather anxious and excited about the release of their debut LP. In the meantime we have The Cat & The Eye (d-load here and here), a great laidback 80's synthpop tune that is growing and growing on me. I recently picked up the TC&TE single and discovered the delightful B-side Danny. A bouncy synthy vocoded anthem with sweet guitars and real drums. Also a couple of more obscure remixs to add to your Van She collections.


killabot said...

nice blog. it is nice to see perth bloggers blogging about the local music scene :)

DiscGoIsUm said...

That picture is the first orgasmic pic of 08!, for me at least! If you've got it in higher def, I'd love you forever...

PS Was the live trac actually from Perth? That recording would be cool, I've already got one from Melbourne! Happy New Year!

Kimmy said...

That night was amazing. I was lost for words. I could just weep at the memory of it.