Friday, September 28, 2007

New Music: Matthew Dear

A new album that just came into my hands from our friends at Inertia is Matthew Dear's third solo album Asa Breed. Truth be told I had no idea who Matthew Dear was when I grabbed the CD as it came under the genre electronic on the press release which always catches my attention. I like to have my recently added playlist on shuffle most of the time at home and when the first song of his started playing it immediately caught my ear. I took the player off shuffle and listened to the rest of the album which is definitley one of the most interesting albums I have heard in recent times. It is really varied, at times sounding like Postal Service, then like Hot Chip and then to TV on the Radio, 3 bands I like immensley. It has great rhythm throughout which I then read should have been evident due to his minimal-tech background under the moniker Audion. At best I could probably describe it as electro folk-punk and it is really, really good. So instead of me crapping on, trying to decribe the sound here are a couple of tracks to show you how good he really is.

Matthew Dear - Don and Sherri

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