Thursday, October 25, 2007


A week and a bit ago I went to a preview screening (Thanks JJJ) of the new Ian Curtis biopic, Control. I can't profess to be the biggest Joy Division buff but I was really impressed by the film. Director Anton Corbijn has done a terrific job with the mood of the film, which is black and white, really echoing what I would imagine late 70's Manchester to be like. It gives a really quite moving account of the tragedy that was Curtis's life with his battles with depression and epilepsy. Sam Riley who plays Curtis (and kinda looks strangley like Pete Doherty in my opinion) does a really good job, including the singing he does. I would recommend it to anyone who likes music, not just Joy Division, as it really helped me to get grasp a better grasp for the band's music. Here are two of my favourite tracks from the movie.

Also I have been stumbling across a few Joy Division tributes and covers, I thought the Killers cover was OK and I love the Wombats tribute track and then I stumbled across this Nouvelle Vague track, I generally like Nouvelle Vague but this track completely strips the song of any original emotion that was intended and in my opinion cheapens it greatly, anyway feel free to disagree.

Also I have two FREE in season tickets to any Control showing in Perth and if you want them leave a comment and I will get back to you.


sim said...

Closer? Isn't it called 'Control'?
Anyway I would like to watch it, with all these rave reviews.

low said...

Seems to be a nice show, I would love to have the tickets.

seifer238 said...

have a listen to "disorder" (about ians epilepsy) and "ceremony" (the last song he wrote). both amazing, my fave joy division tracks

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