Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Newly Single

Some fresh meat recently out of the recording abattoir and right onto the musical weber- so grab those steak knives and get stuck in.

Hot Chip - Shake A Fist.mp3
To be honest- these guys weren’t an immediate favourite of mine- that was until I saw them live. They seem to do electro in a way that I’m not quite sick of yet. Describe as electro-pop with a neo soul it's just a little more mellow and a whole lota fun- and their new release 'Shake A Fist' (off their forthcoming 3rd album Made In the Dark)- which they have been dropping into their live shows for a while now, is the perfect example, so “If you have a pair of headphones you better get them out and get ’em cranked up cos they're really gonna help you on this one".

Cut Copy - So Haunted.mp3
So some pretty mixed reviews on this one… And with their nu LP on the way (In Ghost Colours, due Feb 2008 on Modular) it’s a bit of a tasters of what’s to come. To be honest I didn’t even recognise their sound at the beginning of the song but then around the 47 second mark it kicks in and all Cut Copy uncertainties are dismissed. The sound is a little less synthy with some hard angular guitars, this may be the effects of their new co-producer for the album- who is none other than Tim Goldsworthy (of the famed NYC Label DFA). So- on a scale of 1 to 10- it’s a grower.

Tokyo Police Club - Your English Is Good.mp3
Tokyo Police Club should have been on your radar for a little while now with their insanely good 2006 EP- A Lesson in Crime. And this non-album single, released in early July, carries on their trend of summery guitar pop and catchy chorus shouts. To say I cannot wait for their LP is a colossal understatement.

And because you might need something to wash down that meat you’ve just consumed- have a sip on this- the RAC remix of Be Good. It’s probably the best thing since the invention of grandpa mix (if you don’t know what that is I feel profoundly sorry for you). This is taken off their forthcoming 4 track EP titled Smith.
Bon Appétit- Tokyo Police Club - Be Good (RAC Remix).mp3

Oh you didn’t think I send you off without dessert did you..? Here’s a few slices of Pavlova aka Aussie singles-

The Panics - Dont Fight It.mp3
Faker - This Heart Attack.mp3
Cut Off Your Hands - Still Fond.mp3 (yeah I know they’re not from Aus- hmm but they can be like the kiwi fruit on top of the Pavlova..yeah that works)

†rash Out ■

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benjimite said...

Fcuking love that new Cut Copy track, can't get enough of it. Jolly good work getting it from wherever you got it.
B x