Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Coming Down

After the monstrosity that was Parklife today has been nothing short of a complete and utter mess. So with that in mind, I thought I would post some Parklife photos, give some highlights and then post the Come Down EP, for all those mornings or afternoons when you wake up in struggle town.

After arriving at Parklife and making a quick stop-off to the bar, it was straight to the Earth Tent to check out Chicago electro-punkers Greenskeepers who really impressed. I really am a sucker for a keytar and Greenskeepers were no exception. With the band all in karate suits and lead singer in what looked to be an American civil war jacket, they looked like a million bucks and it was a shame there wasn't more of a crowd to appreciate it.

Next up was wunderkind of the moment Muscles who's debut album Guns Babes Lemonade has just arrived in record stores throughout Oz, I'm not sure about international release yet. I actually preordered mine through JB and was hoping to get it before yesterday as it was in shops on Friday and one would assume if you preorder then you would receive it on the same day as shops, obviously not. Anyway with a full artillery of tracks at his disposal, and even though it was the third time I had seen him, the kid from Shepparton rocked many socks including my own.

Next highlight were Sweden's The Sounds, who's gorgeous electro-pop really impressed and frontwoman Maja is every bit as smoulderingly hot as she looks in photos (Sorry mine is a bit shit).

The unexpected but fucking awesome set of the day definitely belonged to Freq Nasty who blew me away with his vocal party breaks and cool as visuals. Digitalism were also amazing, with Pogo probably being one of the days most anticipated tracks and they didn't disappoint. Justice and MIA were clashing headliners and we started at MIA watched a couple of songs and headed off to Justice. Neither really held my attention that firmly which was disappointing as Justice were one of the acts I was most looking forward to. Nonetheless an absolutely amazing day and it was certainly good to have it so well organised this year as opposed to the shambles that was '06. Perhaps it was the Moshcards that worked so well, a great innovation.

Today, the day after, I was the epitomy of a shattered man. And all I wanted was some good chillout tunes to lullaby me off to sleep and I didn't even have a decent chillout playist to do so. So I thought I'd put one together for those days where all that matters is perfect tunes to rebalance the equillibrium. So here is the....

Come Down EP

Sebastian Tellier - La Ritournelle
Dub Pistols - 6AM
50Hz - Smooth Rhodes
Stars - The Night Starts Here
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Forever Heavy
Lux - 100 Billion Stars
Massive Attack - Live With Me
Matthew Dear - Don & Sherri (Hot Chip Remix)


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