Thursday, January 17, 2008

DFA Is Coming To Town

God bless the Big Day Out. Not for the bogans, not for the under 18s, but for the international acts that otherwise may not be gracing our convict shores. And god bless this years line up for bringing LCD Sounsystem to town. One of the most outstanding albums of the year along with a couple of the tracks of the year (All My Friends & Someone Great). And thanks to the good kids at Bourgeois Bogan @ Shape, we are being treated to the Big Night Out. With DJ sets from disco kings James Murphy and Pat Mahoney it really should be an amazingly good night. Tickets will be limited so I suggest you take your platform FMB's over to your nearest outlet to grab a ticket.

And to celebrate this momentous occasion and to perhaps imagine what it will be like on the night, I have decided to post a couple of mixes from the DFA Radiomix Series. The first is the most recent one from the series from last year:
And perhaps for more of a relative set of what we can expect to hear on the night, even though it is a little dated:

Yup, excited

For probably the most accurate description of what it will be like, purchase the recent Fabriclive 36, mixed by Murphy and Muhoney, filled with amazingly obsure disco, this one really is worth your bucks.


Atticus said...

Arhh man sorry about the lack of music... short story - lost everything on both my laptop and my backup. i just won't accept that it's all gone and i'm restricted to my computer at work (thus no new tunes for some time now). fingers crossed, i'll have some new tunes soon.

nek said...

man, due to a comedy of errors I am going to miss these guys. Would have been so good. Though I might end up catching them in Sydney if I am really lucky.