Friday, January 11, 2008

The Wild Ones

While seeing BRMC at Southbound was awesome, seeing their solo gig (within 24 hours of the festival) was phenomenal. It might seem like a bit of dirty garage rock overkill, but the sound and atmosphere of the inside gig was incredible.

Their live sound is driven by these thick, broody, aggressive base lines that just can’t vibrate your insides like they should at an open air event. The boys played songs from their full discography rather than just peddling new stuff. Their two hour set included Peter Hayes and Rob Levon Been(guitars, bass, vocals) getting on the organ for the haunting tracks ‘All you do is talk’ and ‘Window”.

All you do is talk - Baby 81

These two boys even did some acoustic stuff half way through, including Rob on his knees doing a cover of Dylan’s ‘Visions of Johanna’. I’d like to see them try and do that at a festival. The solo followed an assertion by Rob that all the security staff were fuckers for not letting everyone just have a good time (people were smoking in front of the stage). This eradicated any anti-smoking policy the place had for the rest of the night (lucky me).

The interlude gave monster drummer Nick Jago (who I like to call heaven)a break before another hour long half-set. The troubled Jago exploded with uncompromising energy. Basically the moral of the story is, they fucking rocked. If you’re not familiar with the albums get familiar. Here are some of my favourites from the new album:

Berlin - Baby 81

Weapon of choice - Baby 81

Need some air - Baby 81


game plan said...

sweet review. totally agree with your comments on powerful bass lines carrying the show. it really is the most important instrument.

brmc rock said...

SICK review. was best gig to start the year. described the band wickedly