Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Australia Day!!

Just a quick one before i go out to get silly this afternoon and listen to the Hottest 100 on Triple J and be fucking pissed off when Silverchair win with Straight Lines. Anyway i've got two up and coming (sort of) Aussie artists on the opposite end of the musical scale. First are Perth local boys Red Jezebel who have been floating around the scene for almost a decade but have only really garnered enough praise for their second and latest album How I Learn't To Stop Worrying which is a blissful guitar pop-rock effort that is good for any mood.

Next is an electronc producer and DJ out of Brisbane and this year's number 4 DJ in the In The Mix Top 50 Tydi. 'Lost In Translation’, Tydi describes the track as “not exactly house and not exactly trance,” and it follows the success of ‘Meet Me In Kyoto’, which Tydi had signed to Armin Van Buuren’s Armada label in 2007. “While writing ‘Lost In Translation’ I met a beautiful girl from Norway named Annette who had a great voice, so I got her in the studio to improvise some vocal layers over the top,” Tydi explained, when we asked him to tell us a bit about the new track. “It’s not actual words but more ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’. The result was HOT! The breakdown is long and hypnotic, it’s the kind of breakdown that sweeps you off the dancefloor and into you own little world… It builds up bigger, and bigger, and bigger, until that sexy bassline completely opens up and takes over!” It sounds like a lot of wank but the track is quite good, the other track 'I Like You Like' takes about 3 mins to kick but it's very good.

Love yous all, happy Oz Day!!!


His Whoreness said...

even if Straight Lines was co-written by Julian Hamilton from The Presets?

benjimite said...

Number 2, who would have thought it, well done Muse. And yes I would think that even if Julian co-wrote it, I think it sounds like Savage Garden, like you blog tho