Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Big Weekend Out

Wowh, that was a big one. Saturday night at Shape for the DJ sets from Midnight Juggers, Battles and LCD Soundsystem, then the hot, overcrowded monstrosity that was BDO.

Bad Points:

- 15,000 too many people,

- bout 5 degrees to hot (one mate likened the people to cows following the shade outline of trees, classic!),

- and limited drink varieties to different areas of the showgrounds.

Good Points:

- Two bands that really reinforced their status as icons of the current musical generation.

1) Arcade Fire, their set was absolutely electric. You know there's lots of them but nothing can quite prepare you for the amount of people and musical paraphenalia on stage. No Cars Go was goosebumpy stuff and Rebellion was arguably my favourite song of the day.

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2)LCD Soundsystem, I know I have been crapping on about them a lot recently but they really were that good. Transforming pretty much every track into a live version, Murphy's voice was sounding really good and when he had a little cowbell solo I pretty much lost it.

There are also a whole remix album of The Sound Of Silver available here which is full of cool remixes of underground producers. There are also links from here to remix albums of Chemical Brothers, Primal Scream, The Prodigy and more.

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And finally I couldn't leave out some Aussie love and a group I always love to see at festivals (even though they seem to be at most these days) are The Hilltop Hoods. The boys always know how to get the crowd going and stalk the stage as well as any hip hop act i've ever seen. They also need more blog love.

Hilltop Hoods Dump Site - This site contains mp3s of their first two albums, no longer on CD release (for all you Hoods buffs) and some unreleased tracks and collaborations, SWEET.
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Love Yous All

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