Tuesday, February 5, 2008

La Mode

La Mode are an electro trio out of Melbourne that have been doing good things in the scene as evidenced by the recent couple (here and here) of posts done about them by highlighter chums electrorash (check the posts out for a Bloc Party remix and original track). They have a quality oz-synth-electro rock sound that is going at the moment as highlighted by their commissioning by Kitsune to do a remix of Cazals 'Life Is Boring'. The boys are going places and their remix of Magnets by Germany's finest throws in a chunky bass line and some bopping cowbells (i wonder if they play them live like James Murphy?) that add to what is an already pounding track. The second track is an original that starts with a deep synthline and moves into some playful vocals and some sweet 80s fantasy samples in the middle which reminds me a tad of some wu-tang stuff which is always good. Anyway, La Mode, enjoy...

La Mode - The Curse (Left Click)

Love Yous All

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